The Savvy Realtor with Angie Cole

How Do You Handle Bad Credit When Buying A Home?

Worried your bad credit from past mistakes will prevent you from buying a home with a decent mortgage rate now? Looking for a home in Wake Forest? Want to sell a home as-is or for sale by owner? We’ll answer all of these questions from the mailbag in this week’s podcast.

On this show: 

0:38 - Mailbag: Carl has poor credit but needs a competitive mortgage rate. What can he do?

2:57 - Mailbag: Dana wants to sell her home on her own. What is the worst-case scenario when it comes to for-sale-by-owner?

5:36 - What’s the number one mistake made when selling a home as for-sale-by-owner?

6:44 - Mailbag: What are some of your favorite neighborhoods in Wake Forest? 

10:28 - Mailbag: Dan inherited his father’s home, but it is a fixer upper. How do you sell a house as-is?

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Lighting Your Home the Right Way By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Look out! Look up! Look down! Where do the lights in your house direct your eyes? Are they highlighting your home’s best features? We discuss the good and bad of home lighting design. 

Today's rundown: 

0:38 - Lighting mistakes people often make include too many kitchen lights pointing to the floor instead of other areas.  

4:36 - Another mistake is to highlight only drywall with lighting instead of molding, arches, and shelving.

5:42 - Instead of harsh bathroom lighting, try using wall sconces.

7:01 - National data on mortgage closing happening faster than ever.

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Is It Risky To Buy A House For Sale By Owner?

You may have seen the signs with “For Sale By Owner” on the top. Is there a danger in purchasing one of these homes or anything you should be considering? In the mailbag this week are two questions from listeners that Angie Cole answers with her expert opinion.

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How Your Mortgage Might Change Your Life

Does having a mortgage increase your lifespan? How hot should your house be? We’ll talk through three recent real estate headlines and get a realtor’s take on the latest in the news.

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Today's rundown:

0:38 - In the News: Mortgage debt may increase your life expectancy.

2:31 - Home ownership gives us a sense of responsibility and purpose. 

3:29 - In the News: EnergyStar claims the optimal temperature when you are home is 78 degrees.

5:50 - In the News: From April-June, 78 percent of home contracts made it to close on time.

7:21 - One of the top roadblocks to closing on time has to do with financing.

Finding Investment Properties And Other Questions From The Mailbag

Have a burning question that needs answering? When it comes to real estate matters, there are hundreds of questions as you make big decisions (attached to even bigger dollar amounts). We will dive into the mailbag to answer four questions from our listeners. 

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Headline Reactions: Thoughts on the Latest Real Estate News

You might read a headline or article and wonder, is that right? What would my realtor say about that? Angie gives her professional opinion on three recent headlines in real estate news.

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Today's rundown:

0:44 - More millennials are paying mortgages themselves instead of asking for help.

4:41 - Bill passed in the house proposes cutting upfront mortgage insurance fees in FHA loans after housing counseling.

7:25 - Survey asks, How long before you drop your sales price on a house?

8:53 - The market in the Triangle is dramatically different than the results of this survey.

10:37 - Be sure to consider your expectations vs. reality when it comes to selling a home.


What You Need to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

How do you pick a real estate agent? Turns out, finding the perfect house is not the only important decision you’ll need to make. It all starts with a real estate agent. We’ll help you narrow it down by asking a potential agent these questions ahead of time to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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5 Ways To Manage Stress When Buying A House

Like any life event, buying or selling a house can be incredibly stressful! But there are ways you can limit the amount of stress it brings, so that you can transition smoothly into your new home. We'll discuss that in today's episode.

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Take a look at the rundown for this episode:

0:38 - Did you see this: Man in Florida thought he bought a villa but just got grass.

5:03 - Buying and selling a home is one of life’s more stressful events.

5:44 - Knowing the process is key to a smooth transition.

6:36 - Stay ahead of your deadlines.

8:46 - Manage your expectations, especially as a buyer.

9:57 - Keep communication lines open with your realtor.

11:46 - Work with an experienced real estate agent.

Why Won’t Your Home Sell (When Everyone Else In The Neighborhood’s Will)?

Should you make home improvements that you would also enjoy and hope it pays off? Or should you list a fixer upper and leave it as is? Between home ownership and selling your house, a number of questions are bound to come up. Angie dives into the mailbag this week to answer three questions from you. Read the rest of this entry »

Common Bargain Hunting Mistakes When Buying A Home

Everyone wants a good deal, especially when you’re dealing with a purchase as significant as a house. But these mistakes might not actually be worth the ‘deal’ you’re getting in the long-run. Avoiding these bargain-hunting mistakes when you’re looking for the right home will help you make the best decision. Read the rest of this entry »